Kozjansko Homestead in Dobje pri Planini

The Kozjansko region is a true treasure trove of well-maintained, traditional rural architectural heritage.
The authentic Kozjansko Homestead can be visited in the idyllic surroundings of Dobje pri Planini. The simple wooden structure, characteristic of the western part of the Kozjansko region, was built around 1830 and served as the home of a small Kozjansko farmer. To this day, the homestead has preserved its original socially recognisable features, with a spatial layout characteristic of houses with a typical black kitchen (črna kuhinja).

Today’s Kozjansko Homestead includes:

  • a homestead-museum,
  • a homestead-museum with tourist services,
  • a hayrack to demonstrate the threshing and cleaning of hay,
  • a hayrack as an outside area for gatherings,
  • a bee house where apitherapy products are made, and
  • a herb garden with Kneipp’s walking path.

A visit to the Kozjansko Homestead includes:

  • a welcome drink and the traditional gastronomical specialty pršjača made with crackling,
  • a visit to the homestead-museum (considered one of the three most beautiful homesteads in 2000), where visitors can take their turn at grinding grains using a hand mill,
  • a demonstration of hand threshing (guest are encouraged to help turn the threshing machine),
  • a demonstration of the cleaning of hay for straw roofs,
  • a demonstration of the manufacturer of straw roofs,
  • a visit to a bee house where apitherapy products are made, including a basic lecture on the medicinal effects of honey and other honey bee products,
  • a tasting of several types of honey,
  • a walk along Kneipp’s walking path (barefoot along various structures made of wood, stone, cut tree trunks, grass and sand) and the pouring of warm and cold water over the feet, which represents an excellent natural massage of the feet, and
  • a visit to another homestead.

Additional demonstrations on offer:

  • the sharpening of a scythe and sickle,
  • the hand cutting of grass,
  • the making of dried flowers from crepe paper and products from corn husks, and
  • the weaving of table baskets from willow switches.

The Kozjansko Homestead is also well-known for its exquisite Kozjansko culinary delights. Its motto is “HOMEMADE ONLY”. This is particularly true for the food, which is exclusively homemade, grown and prepared in the Kozjansko region.

There is also a shop with homemade products. They will also bake bread, pastries and similar delights by advance order.

The Kozjansko Homestead is open by making an advance reservation.

Kozjanska domačija – Bojan Guček s.p.
Gorica pri Dobjem 7
3224 Dobje pri Planini
Telephone: +386 (0) 3 579 60 82, +386 (0) 41 340 619
E-mail: [email protected]

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