On the trail of Guzaj

Guzaj often found himself in the company of the gendarmerie, even when the hunt for the outlaw was hottest. More often than not, however, the gendarmerie had no idea who it was dealing with. That’s the way it was one day in Celje when Guzaj ate dinner at the same table with the gendarmerie. He explained that he was sent by the court, and was on his way to Brežice to convince the people to help in the search for the Outlaw Guzaj in return for a reward. Guzaj instructed the gendarmerie to be careful around Brežice and Sevnica, because the Outlaw Guzaj was most likely hatching some new plans in the region. The following day, the gendarmerie of Celje discovered that the waitress at the tavern had found a note under the tablecloth that read: “It’s so nice to spend time with such intelligent men as you. Best regards, Guzaj”. The same day, Celje was swarming with the gendarmerie, searching for Guzaj, who was long gone.

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