Merciful Guzaj gives a poor old woman money to buy a pig

There was a fair in Šmarje pri Jelšah that Guzaj deemed worthy of a visit, as it was always attended by numerous wealthy people. He and his band of outlaws deemed it necessary to help the poor by lightening the pockets of the rich for a florin or two to help them sleep at night. He frequently brightened the life of many a pauper with some kind act and a bit of money. So it was that on the same day, Guzaj was dressed as a young lady, for the most part observing the people at the fair grounds, and asking here and there about the price for one pig. He spotted an old woman crying, and approached her. He asked what had happened to drive her to tears. She explained that she would dearly like to buy a single pig, but did not have enough money. She added that she only had four pfennig. He looked at her and asked if she had ever heard of Guzaj. She said that she had never seen him, but that he must be a good man, no matter what others might think, because he helps the poor. Guzaj gave the old woman two florins and told her to buy several pigs, so that she will have something to do at home. The happy old woman began to thank him and added that she had no idea there were still such good people in this world, and that God should repay Guzaj for his kindness.

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