The Outlaw Guzaj as godfather

The Šentjur Parish was looking for someone to be godfather to a newborn baby. The proud father just so happened to be one of the gendarmerie. A well dressed man, with a heavy gold watch hanging from a chain on his waistcoat, stylish boots on his feet and a seemingly fat wallet, appeared from nowhere and out of the blue offered to be the godfather of the gendarmerie’s child.

Everything was a fine as can be and quite breathtaking. The distinguished gentleman held the child while they travelled by carriage. They ate and drank as if there was no end. But of course every story has its end, as does this one. The noble godfather lavished the child with gifts and promised to return someday, but he was never seen again. Under a plate they found a note that read: “Father gendarmerie, the godfather of your son is none other than Guzaj!”

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