Guzaj’s collection of cats

Another amusing story tells how Guzaj tricked some old hags from Podsreda, who had attacked him because the Outlaw had uttered the words “ignorant women” in passing. The comment was, in fact, intended for Klančarica, but the women hadn’t bothered to ask Guzaj who he was referring to. They attacked him with their fists and straw baskets. Luckily, the gendarmerie passed by and sent the women on their way. Guzaj decided to seek revenge against the violent women of Podsreda. Disguised as Lachsenbergar, he gave the mayor an advertisement stating he was buying cats, due to a shortage of this precious fur, and that he was willing to pay one florin for each cat. The naïve mayor posted the advertisement, and the greedy residents of Podsreda, particularly the women, began to heap the cats from the village in a pile and rub their hands together in anticipation of the fortune they would make. Lachsenbergar arrived and addressed the ladies in broken Slovene, holding them spellbound while he made inventory of their offerings. He even gave poor Nejček a florin, then left Podsreda by carriage. In the tavern, full of angry women and cats, he left a note that read: “To all you roguish women of Podsreda who beat me on that fine day, my warmest regards and thanks for your participation. If I ever get my hands on you, I will horseshoe, so that you won’t ever forget me. Now we’re even! Guzaj from Šentjur”.

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