Guzaj’s revenge against Klančarica

Guzaj would fight any man that crossed him to the death. He knew no mercy. One day, even Klančarica’s time came. Klančarica was a woman whose desire Guzaj rejected. She sought revenge against the Outlaw by falsely accusing him of a crime. Guzaj learned that Klančarica would be on “his turf”, looking to buy land in Podčetrtek close to the spa, where she planned to open a tavern. While Klančarica’s offers were being rejected because she didn’t have enough money, Guzaj was laying his trap in the dim forest at the foot of Rudnica. It was actually Guzaj’s band of outlaws who attacked Klančarica and her companions. They pulled her from her carriage while the others fled. They herded Klančarica high into the hills, to a dark, nearly inaccessible wooded nook of Rudnica, where Guzaj was waiting. It soon became clear to Klančarica that Guzaj would be her executioner. She tried to bribe him, but he would hear nothing of it. He might have let her go, if she had truly repented. But, since her first thought was to buy her way out of trouble, Guzaj decided to carry through with his original plan. He tied her to a beech tree and left. Several years later, local loggers are alleged to have found her skeleton, the rotting rope that held her and her money. Thus, Guzaj got his revenge against Klančarica.


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