Guzaj and the Ipavec family

Guzaj avoided the respected Ipavec family from Šentjur. He also did not care for their music and never required their medical assistance. There are, however, witnesses to the fact that the Outlaw did actually meet the mayor of Šentjur, Gustav Ipavec. It was on a fine market day that a disguised Guzaj came to Zgornji trg, where he roamed among the stalls. The mayor, Gustav Ipavec, was also there. Guzaj approached the mayor and introduced himself as a visitor from Poljčane. They chatted pleasantly for several minutes, before Guzaj bid farewell and disappeared into the crowd, with a stack of banknotes he had unwittingly removed from the mayor’s pocket. No one recognised Guzaj in his new disguise, and the mayor did not realised his money had been stolen until it was far too late

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