Guzaj’s Summer Adventure for Children in Kozjanski raj in Slovenia

In Prevorje in the Kozjansko region, we are organising fun and educational language summer camps for children in Kozjanski raj for the 7th consecutive year. The camps are known as Guzaj’s Summer Adventure in the Countryside, where children learn and practice communicating in foreign languages (English, German and Spanish). Children from abroad learn about Slovenian rural traditions and perfect their Slovene. They also have a tremendous amount of fun at the camps, in the cradle of unspoiled nature, and forge lasting friendships with animals and peers from all over the world. The children receive highly individualised treatment and are divided into various language groups. We conjure up holidays in nature for them without the use of electronic devices and televisions.

What we offer:
We conduct fife-, six- and 7-day adventurous summer camps in Slovenia for children from all over the world with all facilities, including accommodation, food, transport, etc. The camps are suited for children aged 5 to 15. The maximum number of children in each camp is 24, supervised by efficient and well-trained counsellors and teachers. The summer camps are based in three beautiful and exciting regions of Slovenia:
•    Prevorje/Kozjanko region
•    Solčava/Ambrož-Gregorc Farm (Logarska Valley)
•    Rogla

These regions are the paradise of Slovenia, a land of green hills, clean water, beautiful nature, friendly animals and kind people. We would very much like to invite your children to experience a real adventure among the green hills in our paradise of Kozjansko, where they can dance in a meadow or in a forest, splash in a stream, pet farm animals, milk cows, ride a horse, feed deer, pick natural herbs and fruits, create something with their own hands, learn how to skate, sing by a camp fire, watch the stars through a telescope, spend a night in a hay barn, make new friends from around the world and much more. Different languages are used in all of the above activities, to help the children improve their language skills and experience something new. We would, therefore, like your children to experience unforgettable fun with us in the beautiful, green, unspoiled nature of Kozjanski Raj.

You are invited to visit for programme details or write to us at [email protected] or call +386 (0) 40 256 171 or +386 (0) 41 763 031.

You are cordially invited to Kozjanski raj for
the 7th annual summer ADVENTURE!

Parents may join their children for active, but relaxing holidays in a peaceful environment, surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty, with local food and strolls along the walking path, Journeying with Guzaj. We can also reveal to you local points of interest, such as Podsreda, Podčetrtek, Planina pri Sevnici, Dobje, Šentjur, etc. Visit to see our tourism programmes.

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