Guzaj shares a drink with the gendarmerie

This story tells how Guzaj one day announced that he would be at the Štatvin tavern in Celje at 4 pm, and that the gendarmerie should meet him there at the appointed hour, if they wanted to catch a glimpse of the Outlaw Guzaj. The gendarmerie did not actually believe he would show his face, but went to wait for him anyway. That day, Guzaj offered to serve as godfather to some acquaintances from Zagreb, with whom he visited the tavern following the ceremony. The gendarmerie were waiting with their eyes peeled, hoping Guzaj would not elude them dressed as a woman, as he was known to do. The happy family of the newly baptised child celebrated at the tavern, and the merry godfather raised his glass in a toast to all. Even the men of the gendarmerie were invited to quench their thirst in honour of the godchild. They resisted a little, in fear that Guzaj might disappear into the crowd, but relented and joined the party, as the godfather indeed made for pleasant company. Soon, the baby began to fuss and the family went home. The gendarmerie continued to drink and wait until the clock struck four. When the waitress cleared the tables of the empty glasses, she found a note with Guzaj’s signature that read: “I am a man of my word, am I not? Enjoy the party and best regards, Guzaj”.

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